Mustang 学术 Weekly

Colleen Earley: World Language Department Chair

Mustang 学术 Weekly is back as St. TVT体育平台 enters the final quarter academically for the 2021-2022 school year. This week the World Language Department is featured led by Department Chair and Spanish teacher 夫人. Colleen Earley. She is joined in her department by fellow Spanish teachers Mr. Tom Bogucki and Mr. Frank Tellez as well as Latin teacher Mr. William "Buddy" Dolan.

夫人. Earley's AP Spanish and Culture class has been working on increasing their Spanish skills in the four domains of language: listening, 说话, 写作, 和阅读. Each week they spend time reading various articles about different cultural aspects of Latin American countries and analyzing/comparing with their own cultural customs. 另外, this semester the AP students are doing a STEM project which entails building a replica of the famous windmill from Don Quijote de la Mancha. In Spanish 4H, the students just completed their STEM project also about Don Quijote with the theme "Don Quijote solves 21st Century world issues.“在组织, the students chose 21st Century issues and wrote a story in Spanish featuring Quijote facing the issue.

在奥. Bogucki's Spanish 1 classes the current vocab focus is on family members. 学生 also just completed a project where they created their "ideal families" by choosing what famous people they would like to have as parents, 兄弟姐妹, 等. They created a visual display of their family tree and wrote profiles about each family member. Because their current grammar focus is on adjectives, the students also wrote sentences describing their new "relatives."

Mr. Tellez also teaches Spanish 1 along with his responsibilities in the 技术 Department. In his Spanish 1 classes students have the opportunity to use their grammar and vocabulary to create their own sentences to express themselves. They just finished learning how to differentiate between the verbs "ser" and "estar," and the students were able to create and speak their own sentences to identify themselves and to say where they are. In his classes, Mr. Tellez encourages his students to speak in Spanish using the basic vocabulary they have acquired. Their final lesson of the year will be centered around sports with students also being able to fully communicate using present tense.

In Latin IV, Mr. Dolan has his students working on a mixture of challenging and interesting authentic Latin texts: the epigrams of Martial, which skewer many of the social errors and faux-pas of the Roman upper class in the reign of the emperor Domitian, as well as many texts from the Middle Ages, 包括, most recently, 一个故事, which is most likely Shakespeare's inspiration for King Lear.

Check back again next week as Mustang 学术 Weekly will once again feature a different academic department at St. TVT体育平台.